Automation’s Benefits

Benefits of automation

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4 min readAug 25, 2022

Automation is a way for companies to facilitate their daily tasks. The benefits of automation have many advantages in the development of your business. It will help you in your development process, save money, and will have a strong impact on the productivity of your teams. We present you the benefits of automation in this article:

Error reduction with automation

There are many time-consuming tasks in many businesses that have to be done manually. Manual errors are frequent and can have strong financial consequences. That’s why automation can reduce these errors, for example, an accountant or a business owner often uses different tools to record his invoices and track his sales.

There is an automation example to automate the creation of invoices in Quickbooks (accounting software) from invoices generated in Stripe (payment platform).

Increase productivity

Thanks to automation tools, the productivity of your teams will be boosted. Indeed, the benefits of automation will reduce tedious administrative tasks and therefore save time for your employees. Reducing processes and repetitive tasks will increase the productivity and the happiness of your teams.

For example, with this automation, you can back up your must-read emails. You can monitor your Gmail and save emails matching the criteria you have specified, save them to an Airtable database. Save time by automating processing emails!

Reduce costs with automation tools

Automation software allows you to reduce your costs. Indeed, your processes will be automated and planned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These processes do not get tired and do not get exhausted. With automation tools, you can do more while spending less and using fewer resources. If you have an e-commerce or website, and it is your way to generate money, it is important for you that your site works well.

With this automation example, you will be able to check the website availability with Uptime Robot and send an alert via SIGNL4 in case the website has an issue.

Optimize skills thanks to automation

The benefit of automation is to save time. By reducing repetitive and uninteresting tasks, your teams will be able to use the time saved for more specific tasks. They can work on other projects, develop their skills or develop creative tasks.

Discover the automation made for agile teams who are adept at daily standup updates. It allows you to automatically track responses and send a reminder to your colleague(s) who have not sent their update yet! You will save time to develop your knowledge.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very essential for any company. And automatization has a positive effect on your customers. Indeed, automation helps to automate the messages and requests of your customers so that you can answer them as soon as possible.

Imagine you can adapt your communication to the preference of your customer? This example allows you to send your Marketing campaign with Vonage and SendinBlue based on the client’s communication preferences set up in your CRM.

As you can see, there are many benefits of automation for your business. This is why automation software is created to facilitate your tasks and increase the productivity of your teams. With Meta API, you have the possibility to automate your tasks thanks to APIs and our catalog of about 530 APIs listed.

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