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How a low code API integration platform works?

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4 min readJul 20, 2022

Low-code is a concept in software development that requires very low code writing skills to create processes or actions with it. Often, low-code tools use a simple logic that allows its users to manage it easily if they only have a basic knowledge of certain languages. Meta API is a low code API integration platform to accelerate code, authentication, deployment, and monitoring to let you focus on new features, not boilerplate code!

Discover 4 most asked questions in term of APIs integrations with Meta API.

1- Which language is supported and what level of knowledge is required?

It’s a low-code API integration tool for developers, our code editor only support Javascript / Typescript. We generate snippets of code for using your Meta API endpoint inside many languages (PHP, Python, C#, Ruby…).

But we have already automated a lot of things. So, if you know a little of Javascript or Typescript, you’re good to go! You have a lot of online tools to improve your code level, for example : code academy.

You’ll have a code editor to write the code you want, and we’ll generate snippets of code to call the connectors. We take care of deployment, monitoring, and notifications automatically. The only limit you have is your total compute time on your account. Each time a Spell (that’s the name of our API integration project) is launched, we deduct the execution time from your compute time.

2-Why it’s better to use API with low code integration tool?

We offer a wide range of open APIs directory: +500 APIs ready-to-use, save hours by using our connectors instead of wasting time looking for documentation, the right authentication format, procedures.

You have the possibility to add your own with the Swagger/ OpenAPI file. You can find this file in different extension like JSON or Yaml. The OpenAPI Specification file is generally available on the “overview” or documentation main page. Some provider use OpenAPI file to generate their documentation, but the file is not exposed publicly. Try to reach their support to get this file.

If this file is not available, you can use some endpoint manually or reach our integration team.

With our l ow code API integration platform, possibilities are endless.

3- Where are the code and data stored on a low code API integration platform?

Code and API specification files are on our platform, your code will be accessible only by you and all data accessible by APIs will stay on their servers.

Each account are stored inside our encrypted database and only users who can access your account can use them.

Concerning your code execution, everything is done on a serverless architecture, so data are destroyed once the execution is finished.

You can log the data you want for debugging. We store, by default, only metadata concerning the execution (like date, execution time, http error code). We are fully GDPR-compliant.

Our low-code API integration tool generate for you API keys, necessary to run Spells and you can generate multiple API keys and restrict them to specific Spells.

4- What type of authentications are supported for API integration?

There are several ways to identify with an API:

  • The API Key is the most common way to authenticate to an API. This key can be generated and found inside each provider
  • Token based authentication (as Bearer format) are more dynamic and modern
  • OAuth 2 is the golden way to access service and provide secure and user-controlled permissions
  • Basic authentication is the legacy method using a user and password

With Meta API as an integration platform, we provide one click authentication for popular APIs. You’ll find more find more documentation here.

Users around the world able to answer about API integration platform questions

Our Support team is available to manage incident tickets from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7pm CET. We prioritize tickets according to the level of support in the plan you have subscribed.

Meta API commits to respond to each request for Support when it relates to the platform usage (setting up authentication, questions about how to use the features,…)

If you need any help regarding the business logic you need to implement (what conditions should I set up, how to code a tab..), we can put you in touch with our Discord community or some API integration experts.

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