How to optimize downtime management with Meta API?

Downtime management is a key element of user experience and therefore customer satisfaction for any company conducting online business. It applies whether you are a product or service company and is especially critical for SaaS tools.

Uptime availability became such an important indicator that it is now part of many Client Service Level Agreements (SLA). I am sure you have all heard about the 99.99% uptime commitment. Companies offering a 99.999% SLA are even gaining a competitive advantage!

Sales and Account Management teams are well aware of what is at stake here! However, it is Tech teams that are bearing the responsibility of uptime availability, responsibility amongst many others that became crucial as well: infrastructure scalability, bug fixes, monitoring, data migration, etc.

Making sure your Tech team is reactive when downtimes occur often depends on how big your team is, how easy getting the downtime information is and how optimized your processes are.

The last factor is the one you can have your hands on more easily by creating ad hoc workflows to automate with API integration. This is made possible because modern applications are depending on so many connected tools and systems.

Yet, if you are lacking resources you might not want to spend time on building integrations that require custom coding to make APIs from different sources work together quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, maintaining and monitoring require additional efforts in the long term.

This is why using solutions like Meta API will accelerate the time to value of such initiatives. Our platform will abstract the complexity of the API (Oauth, API inconsistency,…) and you will only need to code your business logic.

Intending to automate downtime management, we have built an example of integration (Open Spell) between Uptime Robot and Jira. The objective is to monitor your systems and manage incidents by opening a Jira ticket if UptimeRobot has observed a 5-minute downtime in the past 10 minutes.

This Open Spell can be duplicated in one click and you can custom it with the parameters you need.

You can also build a more advanced workflow with your collaborative communication tool (Slack, Teams, Discord…) to inform your team a Jira ticket has been opened/closed or automatically inform your clients by email.

Illustration of the Open Spell we have built with a “simple” workflow

Illustration of the answer you get

Illustration of a “complex” workflow you could build

And you, which workflows are you going to set up? Sign up for free and start building your first Spell!

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