Pennylane & Meta API Partnership

Pennylane is an all-in-one financial and accounting platform for business owners and their Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). The objective of Pennylane is to give business owners a full and detailed overview of their finances so they can take the right decisions to run their business. The platform connects all financial data which means, without ever leaving the platform you have access to real-time and accurate data, smart invoicing tool, and efficient management of expenses.

If you want to get the most out of Pennylane, you can integrate it into your other applications to aggregate data more easily or automate your workflows.

Pennylane has some pre-made plugins with other applications that could be used but they can’t answer all the needs that are specific to each business.

In addition, creating integration for clients is time-consuming and costly for Tech team, and clients don’t always have the time and resources to manage it internally.

This is where Meta API makes it faster and easier!

The Meta API low code platform allows you to create the integration your accounting team needs whether you would like to visualize your invoicing data, automate your sales and billing workflows, or get notified of important information. You can create your integration using Meta API’s public APIs or import your private API to go one step further. The possibilities are endless, and as a CFO, it will save your team time on repetitive tasks and make your process more efficient.

Last but not least, it will also save time for your Tech teams that can focus on developing your core products instead of building, maintaining, and monitoring the integration.

To give you a more concrete idea of what you can build with Meta API, we are sharing with you three use cases of our mutual clients:

Here is an integration example using Pennylane and Airtable API. The idea of this integration is to sync all your invoices from Pennylane to better organize them, improve the view per supplier/client, and work on it directly into Airtable.

The scheme below shows you an example using Pennylane and Slack. The idea of this integration is to help your accounting team track the unpaid and upcoming invoices through their collaborative communication tool.

This last example is an integration between Pennylane and Pipedrive. The objective is to automate the process from sales to accounting to avoid manual invoicing. In this integration the workflow built is the following: once a deal is closed in Pipedrive, it automatically creates an invoice for the company with the attached products in Pennylane.

We are sure you now get the kinds of accounting workflows you can simplify and automate using Meta API and Pennylane.

The APIs of Airtable, Pipedrive, and Slack were taken as examples but you can think about using other API like Google Drive, HubSpot, DocuSign, or Microsoft Teams. As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless and you can build your custom integration with any apps you are using internally.

Already know what you want ? Or need some help to work on your automation projects ? Book a meeting here to get in touch with our team.

If you already are a master of JS and TS, you can directly sign up here to use our pre-made integration (OpenSpells) or start building yours !

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